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Xeriscaping is a landscaping technique aiming to reduce water usage and hence conserve water resources.

The term is a portmanteau for dry-scaping (xeros is Greek for “dry”).

It is suitable for areas that lack adequate water resources and climatic zones that are characterized by prolonged drought periods. It offers therefore an alternative way to traditional gardening which is ideal for the climatic conditions of the Cycladic islands.
The chosen plants must have low water requirements and be in harmony with the surrounding natural environment.
The choice of native plants reduces the reliance on chemical supplements and treatments. Furthermore, various techniques are used to minimize water loss through evaporation.

Xeriscaping works well on hard and rocky surfaces which can come to life by contrasting them with rich and vibrant looking plants.


Xeriscaping helps conserve valuable water.
Protection against drought.
Minimizes need for maintenance.
Maximal exploitation of rainwater.
Xeriscapes are interesting and unusual landscapes.